Biotechnology of Rice: Present Limitations and Future Prospects

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T. Varghese Thomas
A. B. Rema Shree
E. Nabeesa
N. Neelakandan
S. Nandakumar


Direct shoot regeneration from terminal bud and mature nodal explant were obtained in Terminalia arjuna. Nodal explants produced more shoots than terminal apex. Woody Plant medium with 2mg/BA produced maximum shoots. For rooting IAA at 1mg/l found to be better than IBA and NAA. The rooted plantlets were successfully established in the field

In vitro propagation, Explants, Multipurpose tree, Regeneration, Terminalia arjuna

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Thomas, T., Shree, A. B., Nabeesa, E., Neelakandan, N., & Nandakumar, S. (2003). Biotechnology of Rice: Present Limitations and Future Prospects. PLANT CELL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 4(1-2), 95-99. Retrieved from
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