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The university environment is a place where various exchanges occur that affect students. An instrument of data collection was built self-administered and a collaboration student of the Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Costa Rica was requested in 2014 to meet multi-dimensional factors that affect their welfare. The structure of the instrument was made considering the following components: biological, geographical, social, economic, and academic and a section on various relevant aspects of the curriculum were included, such as: The role of the Dean, administrative and teaching staff, services received and other Curriculum planning. At a workshop developed, students share their opinions about results of this research. Given the nature of the results, these are described as confidential. It involved one hundred students representing approximately 25% of the active student population, in which women predominate responses. This student population shows difficulties in their lifestyle that may reflect what happens in the rest of society. Students evidence risk factors that affect their health, they refer suffer diseases for instance stress, digestive disorders, physical inactivity and they have risky habits. They assessed positively some aspects of the curriculum, but others feel dissatisfaction. Although they considered that they have acquired valuable skills still need improvement opportunities. Students experience situations that place them in a vulnerable position to be expelled from the education system. Further research is necessary to understand the factors affecting students.

Dimensions, students, perception, pharmacy, wellness

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